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Continente, Pais, Estado, Ciudad


·        Students will know the Spanish words for continent (continente), country (pais), state (estado), and city (ciudad)

·        Students will understand the sizes of these landforms in relation to one another (Example—a state is part of a continent)

·        Students will be able to locate each vocabulary word on a map of North America.



·        A blank map of North America (on a worksheet) for each student

·        Crayons or colored pencils

·        An overhead machine



·        Review the words continente, pais, estado, and ciudad with the students.  Some sort of hand gesture to accompany each word is helpful.  I used the American Sign Language gestures for each term.

·        Pass out a blank map to each student.

·        Turn on the overhead and place a blank map of North America on the overhead.  Ask students what it is.

·        Ask a student to come up to the overhead and to trace with his or her finger a continente.  If he or she is correct, allow the student to trace the outline of North America on the map using an overhead pen.  Have students do the same thing on their own maps.

·        Create a key (clave) in the bottom corner of the map using the terms and the appropriate colors.

·        Repeat the above step for pais, estado, and ciudad.

·        Have students put their finger on north (norte).  Have them write the word norte at the top of the map.  Do the same for east (este), south (sur), and west (oeste).

·        For closure, have the students flip over their maps and review the terms and signs for each term.  Ask them for examples of each term (the name of a continente, pais, estado, and ciudad).



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