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Forty Fabulous Math Websites

for Parents, Teachers, and Students

Sometimes the Internet can be a blessing, and sometimes it can be a headache! However, the Internet is a great math (as well as other subjects) resource for students, teachers, and parents. The following is a list of great math web sites and a short description of each. The web sites are organized into the following categories: Student References, Teacher References, Games, Mathematicians, and General Math Topics.

= Highly Recommended


Student References:

Harcourt Animated Math Glossary

This math glossary has animated explanations of common math terms found in grades 1-8. This is an excellent resource for homework, and it helps students understand terms through visual and verbal explanations. This would also be a good resource for parents who need a little help in explaining their child’s math homework.


Interactive Multiplication Table

Having trouble with multiplication? This site shows students how to read a multiplication table. They enter in the numbers they want multiplied, and the table shows two ways to find the answer (example—3x4 and 4x3)!


Primary Games

Primary Games is a great web site for kids to practice their math using fun games.  Games in other subject areas are also available.


The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library

This is a comprehensive listing of math topics for any level. It has everything from elementary math to calculus.


The Area of Different Polygons

This web site does a good job of explaining different polygons to students. The language is geared towards upper elementary or middle school students.


Base Ten Blocks

This site allows students to work with base ten blocks online. Students can choose from a number of different work mats and manipulate the base ten blocks using a mouse. This is an excellent resource!


Dave’s Math Tables

This is a collection of math tables that students can use for reference. Subjects include general math, algebra, fractions, statistics, and calculus.

This comprehensive listing of "kid-resources" would be great for any adult or child. There are references, explanations, and games all in "kid-language." There are also parent and teacher links.


Change Maker

This web site allows students to practice their money skills by making change for the amount of money that is "spent." This is great practice, but it might be a little confusing for younger students because the student must enter how many of each coin and dollar are needed, rather than just clicking on the coins.


Metrics Matter

Are your students having trouble with metrics? This web site explains metrics and conversions for length, volume, mass, temperature, and time in easy to understand language.


Online Calculator

An online calculator solves the problem of never having a calculator. A basic calculator with non-scientific functions will help elementary students with basic math problems.


Teacher References:

Elementary Problem of the Week

Teachers and students can solve a problem of the week, submit their answer, and get solutions to previous problems. These problems would work well with upper elementary students.


Math Forum: Web Units

This is a great list of math units for teachers to check out! It includes units on tangrams, geometry, vectors, tessellation, etc. These lessons are for middle or high school teachers.


Measurement Resources for Teachers

Teachers can access this site for tons of great ideas on measurement! Topics include metric conversion, length, area, and volume, and estimation.


Curious and Useful Math

Find algorithms to interesting problems to teach your students. This is a great way to get your students hooked on math!


Space and Shape in Geometry

This is a great web site to find hands-on activities that show students that geometry is all around them, not just in their textbook. This would be a good reference for students, also, because it is easy to understand.


A Mathematics Fantasy

Would you rather have one million dollars or start with a penny and double your salary every day for a month? This is a great way to explain a difficult problem to your students.


The Math Goodies Puzzle Library

Teachers can find great math and computer crossword puzzles and word searches here, as well as their solutions. These puzzles are appropriate for middle school and high school students.


Math Word Problems for Children

Looking for interesting math stories for your students? This site contains math stories on every imaginable subject for students K-8.



Mapamatic Desert Challenge

In order to find the treasure, students must manipulate a car through various obstacles on a map, doing activities such as changing money and measuring distances and angles. The measurements are all done in metric, and the money is the English Pound. There are good teacher resources available at this site.


The Maths File Game Show

This is an excellent math site for students and teachers!! There are a variety of games for students to play, sheets that students and teachers can print out, teacher resources, and more. Also, this site is from the BBC, so the information is in metric. Students can practice measurement, working with English money, dealing with algebra and number concepts, and handling data.



Moneyopolis is a game where students must use their financial knowledge to earn money and community service medallions. Games are saved online so that students can continue where they left off. This is a great game to practice financial skills for students in grades 5-8.


Buzzing With Shapes

This is a great game for younger students who are learning their shapes. Students work in pairs and play a "tic-tac-toe" like game with shapes and the number of sides each shape has.


Count Hoot’s Addition Game

This site is a lot of fun! Students can help Count Hoot add basic numbers. There are three levels. The numbers in level one are in standard configuration, but the rest of the levels have regular numbers.


Addition Surprise

Students can place the answers to addition facts on an empty addition chart. When enough numbers are placed on the chart, the picture beneath is revealed. This site deals with basic math facts (1-9).


What Time Is It?,k

A great way to work with younger students on telling time, this game allows students to put four clocks in order by time. It takes a few minutes to load, but there is a great spirograph to watch while waiting.



Women Mathematicians

Students can learn about the involvement that women have had in the math and science fields. This is a great collection of biographies for students to read.


The Moldy Oldies Collection

Fourth-graders authored this collection of biographies. Its focus is on famous mathematicians that have died. It is easy to understand, and the illustrations are done by the fourth graders.


Mathematician Trading Cards

This site is a fun way for kids to get to know famous mathematicians. Mathematicians are featured on trading cards that can be printed out and saved for future reference.


General Math Topics:

Aunty Math

Students can try to solve Aunty Math’s daily challenge. Students will use reasoning and logic skills to solve these "kid-friendly" problems. They can send in their answers or check their answers from previous challenges.


Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius

Students can learn about different mathematical concepts through fun, interactive lessons. Many of the lessons pertain to geometry or beginning algebra, but there are a few elementary lessons.


Online Math Applications

This site has a number of real-life applications for math. Students can see the relationship math has to music, history, investing, science, etc. There are also hands-on activities for each subject.

This site has a ton of resources, including biographies, tables, games, flashcards, conversion sheets, glossaries, and other links.


Your Weight on Other Worlds

Students can find out how much they weigh on the different planets, stars, moon, etc. This is a great site to show students the difference between weight and mass, and there is a good explanation on the subject for students to read.


Totally Tessellated

Students can learn all about tessellations and how to create their own. Learn about famous tessellations and the history of tessellations. For even more fun, print out your designs.


Patterns in Mathematics

Students can learn about the many different types of patterns with games and good explanations. The three types of patterns this web site focuses on are word patterns, logic patterns, and number patterns.


The Counting Story

This is a fun way for kindergartners and first-graders to learn and review their numbers, plus it integrates language arts with math. The reading is fairly easy, but younger students may need help with some of the words.


The Crazy Pattern Machine,1

Students can visit "The Crazy Pattern Machine" to work with many types of patterns on many levels. The pattern machine has letter, number, shape, and color patterns for students in grades K-3.


Juice Bottle Jingle

Play your favorite song at this site! Students can use numbered juice bottles filled with different levels of water to play songs. This is a great connection between music, science, and math.


Picture This—Tangram Puzzles for Kids

Kids can print out several tangram patterns and tangrams to form them. Solutions for each puzzle can be found online. This is a colorful, fun site that both children and adults will enjoy.