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Who Wants to Be a First Grader?


Contestants are drawn randomly from a stack of cards.

Each contestant has the option of using lifelines as needed. The lifelines are:

1. Ask the Audience: The contestant may ask the class to vote on their choice of answer.

2. Phone a Friend: The contestant may "phone" another student in the class and ask his/her opinion.

3. 50/50: The contestant may have two of the choices removed.

Any student who answers a question when it is not his/her turn will be sent back to his/her seat and will miss his/her next turn.


Sample Questions

"Have You Seen My Cat?" (Eric Carle)


1. Which of these words begins with the /k/c sound?
a. dog        b. camera        c. lunch        d. recess                
2. Which of these words does not begin with the /k/c sound?
a. car        b. computer    c. Cameron        d. blue
3. Which of these words ends with the /k/c sound?
a. black         b. yellow        c. coat         d. shirt
4. Which of these words does not end with the /k/c sound?
a. quack         b. Zack        c. smack         d. brown
5. Which of these words begins with the /n/ sound?
a. eye         b. elbow        c. nose         d. ear
6. Which of these words ends with the /n/ sound?
a. jump         b. skip        c. fly         d. run
7. A question sentence:
a. makes you do something            b. tells something
c. asks something                            d. is one of our class rules
8. A question sentence ends with a(n):
a. period         b. exclamation mark        c. question mark         d. apostrophe
9. A question sentence begins with:
a. I         b. an uppercase letter        c. a lowercase letter         d. no letter
10. Which of the following is a question word?
a. what     b. am    c. store     d. run

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