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Letters of Recommendation

In order to reduce the size of this file, the following letters have been typed verbatim and the original signatures have been added.

Laura Parsons
Anderson Elementary School
5290 Leroy Street
Grand Blanc, Michigan  48439
(810) 591-5829

December 5, 2000


Dear Sir or Madam:

I have known Laura Lake during her fifth field experience and student teaching at Anderson Elementary.

Ms. Lake shows enthusiasm while working with the children. She appears to relate well to them. She displays positive support and patience while with the class.

Ms. Lake demonstrates good organizational skills. She seems to be well prepared to carry out her teaching task. She displays initiative in carrying out these tasks.

Ms. Lake interacts positively with the staff. She demonstrates an appropriate and open attitude while working with them.

I feel Ms. Lake would be a valuable addition to any teaching staff.


Laura M. Parsons
First Grade Teacher






April 17, 2000


Dear Sir or Madam,

Laura Lake as a volunteer instructor at the Cranbrook Institute of Science during the winter, 2000 semester. She team taught on half day per week as part of our 12 week Science at Cranbrook (SAC) Program. SAC brings fifth and sixth graders from the tri county area for four full days of immersion in 21 hands-on science classes. Different schools come each week, allowing the instructors the opportunity to hone their teaching skills and experiment with a variety of teaching methods.

Along with her peers, Ms. Lake taught the Rocks and Minerals and the Water Quality class, each for six weeks. In Rocks and Minerals, students learned the six-part definition of minerals, how minerals differ from rocks, how they are identified and then conducted experiments to identify unknown specimens.

In the second class, through a series of hands-on activities, students created a water purification cycle, understanding aeration, deposition, filtration, chlorination and sewage treatment.

Ms. Lake worked with her team teachers to develop various discipline styles, learning many useful skills for future teaching responsibilities. She was professional in her teaching and her commitment to the program. Ms. Lake received suggestions and advice well and was always courteous and conscientious. She developed lesson enhancements and used them in class. Ms. Lake had perfect attendance.




Natalia Krawec Hanks
Coordinator of Multi-Visit Programs

Oakland University Bookcenter
Oakland University
Rochester, MI  48309
April 28, 1999

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of Laura Lake.  She has worked at the Oakland University Bookcenter from the fall of 1997 until January 1999.  In the length of time that I have been acquainted with Laura, she has proven herself to be reliable, hard working, and dedicated.  Her enthusiasm toward her work and her willingness to take on any challenge have made her stand out as an excellent employee.  Laura would be a tremendous asset to any organization.



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