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Science Photographs


This is a picture taken during a "Rocks and Minerals" class at Cranbrook Science Museum.  I am giving students a chance to explore different types of rocks and minerals before we begin our lesson.  I selected this picture because it shows me working with a group of students up-close.  I am not standing at the front of the class explaining something, but instead, I am in the middle of their group.  This way, I am close enough to monitor what is going on and to answer any questions that may arise as they examine the rocks.  Also, I like this picture because the students are exploring their materials before we begin the lesson.  This is a good technique to get the students engaged and interested in the lesson.



This is a photograph of my "Rocks and Minerals" lesson at Cranbrook Science Museum.  In the lesson, students are performing tests on minerals in order to identify their minerals.  In this photo, I am helping two girls figure out the answer to their question.  I selected this picture because it shows that I am willing to lead my students along the path to find the answers to their questions, rather than giving them the answer.  It also shows that I walk around and monitor my students' understanding and that I want my students to learn through hands-on activities.



This is a picture of an experiment that I was performing with my field students.  As a culminating science event, students were mixing sand with a binding substance in order to sculpt the sand.  I selected this picture because it shows students working with me to set up the experiment.  The students were actively involved throughout the entire experiment.  I like this picture because it shows that I am willing to involve my students in an experiment right from the beginning, rather than simply showing them the experiment. 



This is a picture of my helping a student mix the sand and the binding material.  As we were trying unsuccessfully to get the mixtures to combine, we determined that we needed more binding material.  I selected this picture because it is a good example of my involvement with students.  They do not hesitate to ask me a question if there is something they do not understand.


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