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Pop Culture Bingo

Teaching Large Numbers in Spanish


·        Students will know how to say large numbers in Spanish.

·        Students will understand how the names of smaller numbers are combined to make large numbers.



·        Pop Culture statistics (cut up and placed in an envelope)

·        A blank bingo board for each student

·        A list of the numbers (no facts) from each statistic for each student (or an overhead of these numbers)

·        Bingo markers for each student



·        Give each student a blank bingo board and a copy of the Pop Culture numbers.  Allow them to choose numbers to fill into their bingo boards.

·        Give students bingo markers.

·        Draw out statistics and read them to students, making sure to say all the numbers in Spanish.  Continue until someone gets a bingo, then begin another game.

 Pop Culture Statistics


Highest Opening Day Gross—Star Wars Episode I:  The Phantom Menace

$28,542,349 from 2,970 movie theaters on May 19, 1999

Highest Box Office Gross—Titanic

$1,835,000,000 overall
10 week gross of $918,600,000

Biggest Movie Theater—Radio City Music Hall, New York City, New York

5,945 seats in 1932
5,910 seats now

Top-Grossing Actor—Harrison Ford

His movies have made a total of $301,000,000.

Top-Grossing Actress—Carrie Fisher

Her movies have made a total of $1,410,000,000.

Most Expensive Movie—Titanic

Cost $200,000,000 to make

Biggest Advertising Budget—Jurassic Park

$68,000,000 in advertisements

Highest Grossing Comedies

Home Alone—$533,800,000
Austin Powers:  The Spy Who Shagged Me—$54,920,000  (1 weekend—June 12-13, 1999)

Highest Grossing Horror Film—The Sixth Sense



Most Syndicated Comic Strip--Peanuts

Appears in 2,620 newspapers


Biggest Global TV Network—CNN

149,000,000 households
212 countries and territories

Biggest Video Retailer—Blockbuster

4,438 branches in the USA
2,005 branches in 26 other countries

Richest Actress on TV—Helen Hunt

Worth $31,000,000 in 1998

Highest Annual Earnings by an Actor—Jerry Seinfeld

$267,000,000 in 1998

Highest Earning News Broadcaster—Barbara Walters

Is paid $13,000,000 a year

Other Interesting Facts

Best Selling Album by a Teenage Solo Artist—Britney Spears

Baby One More Time—She made $12,000,000 from this album.

Most Successful Country Artist—Garth Brooks

92,000,000 albums sold

Best Selling Children’s Book in 1 year—Harry Potter

Series—18,500,000 copies in US; 4,500,000 in UK in 1999
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone—10,400,000 copies in US; 1,500,000 copies in UK in 1999

Best Selling Children’s Book Series—Goosebumps

220,000,000 copies

Fastest Computer—Sandia, TX by Intel

9,072 Intel Pentium Pro processors running at 200 MHz
608 gigabytes of memory


Source:  Guinness World Records 2001.


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