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Laura A. Lake

6085 Cold Spring Trail

Grand Blanc,  Michigan  48439

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position in the field of elementary education.


  • B.S., Elementary Education, Oakland University.

Graduation Date: December 2000.

Major: Language Arts, Minor: Spanish, GPA: 3.86.


As a teacher, I have the power to influence the lives of many children. I believe that students should feel accepted in their classroom, they should be challenged to do their very best, and they should see that learning is fun. These three elements will produce lifelong learners, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to provide these elements for my students.


  • Taught to a variety of learning styles by diversifying lessons to fit all individuals and skill levels.

  • Designed lessons to reflect district benchmarks required for each grade level.

  • Adapted lessons for exceptional students and reluctant learners.

  • Used a variety of instructional methods, including whole group, small group, and individual instruction.

  • Evaluated students using oral, written, and performance assessment.

  • Effectively organized 12 Spanish classes daily, teaching 300 children.

  • Was responsible for total instruction, management, and planning in a first grade classroom for 8 weeks.

  • Am a patient, compassionate, organized, and self-motivated teacher.


  • Experienced with all types of computers and electrical equipment.

  • Familiar with programs including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Front Page, Microsoft Publisher, Corel Word Perfect, Microsoft Works, Claris Works, Hyperstudio, Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition.

  • Proficient on the Internet and with e-mail.

  • Skilled in web page design.


  • Long-Term Substitute Teacher, 2nd - 5th grades.  Reid Elementary, Grand Blanc, Michigan.  January 2001 - Present.

  • Student Teacher, 1st grade.  Anderson Elementary, Grand Blanc, Michigan.  August 2000 - December 2000.

  • Substitute Teacher.  Grand Blanc, Michigan.  September 1999 - Present.

  • Preschool and Latch Key Teacher.  The Learning House, Grand Blanc, Michigan.  May 2000 - August 2000.

  • Science Teacher, 5th - 6th grades.  Cranbrook Science Museum, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  January 2000 - April 2000.

  • Preschool and Latch Key Teacher.  The C.A.R.E. Company/TOTS, Troy, Michigan.  January 1999 - June 1999.

  • After-School Spanish Teacher, 3rd - 5th grades.  Troy Schools, Troy, Michigan.  September 1998 - March 1999.

  • Nearly 200 classroom hours in first through ninth grades, prior to student teaching.

REFERENCES:  Available upon request.


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