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Student Teaching Final Assessment

The assessment was re-typed verbatim in order to reduce the size of this file.  The signatures are the original signatures on the Student Teaching Final Assessment Form.

Final Assessment of Student Teacher
Student Name:    Laura Lake    Building:    Anderson Elementary
District:    Grand Blanc    State:    Michigan        Period:  15 Weeks
Assignment:    First Grade/All Subjects        Term:    Fall / 2000
Cooperating Teacher:    Patricia Bresnahan
University Supervisor:    Robert Nickora


(Community; district; unique characteristics of school, staff, students)

Laura Lake did her student teaching in First grade at Anderson Elementary School, Grand Blanc, Michigan.  Anderson Elementary is a primary (Kindergarten, First & Second Grade) building located on the West side of Grand Blanc in Genesee County.  This school provides an education for 418 students.  Classrooms within the school offer half-day kindergarten, full day kindergarten, two multi-age classrooms, five first grades, and five second grades.

Anderson is a unique primary building in that it offers a full spectrum of Special Education services from a teamed inclusion program to a self-contained Special Education program.  Anderson students are offered Physical Education, Music, Spanish, and Art.  High Potential teachers also work in classrooms to facilitate whole group enrichments as well as individual enrichments in the area of Math, Reading, Science, and Writing.  Laura was responsible for teaching the first grade curriculum for approximately eight weeks.



Laura established good rapport with her students.  She was at ease with young children and interacted with each child in a friendly, caring, and respectful manner.  She had high, yet reasonable expectations for her students and made adjustments whenever necessary to meet their needs.

Laura related well to all other staff members.  She attended Staff Development Days in August as well as all Staff Meetings, including School Improvement.  She took the initiative to meet and talk with colleagues at these meetings.  She willingly participated in all evening activities, such as Parent Information Night, Family Nights, and Parent/Teacher Conferences.


Laura showed an interest in each child.  She encouraged a climate of courtesy and cooperation with her students.  She gave positive praise to students who gave correct responses.  She politely and patiently encouraged those students who lacked sufficient information.  She was comfortable working among students and kept informed of how each child or group was progressing.  Her lesson introductions were good.  She captured the attention of her students and was able to develop good participation from them.  She paced lessons well and made smooth transitions between them.  Part of Laura's growing during this experience was to realize the importance of having more plans than necessary to cover those "surprises" that may occur.  She has a pleasant voice, often mixing humor into her teaching as she moves through a lesson.


Laura was well organized with her planning and execution of each lesson.  Her written lesson plans, done in conjunction with her cooperating teacher, were detailed, showing goals and objectives.  Lesson materials were prepared in advance and ready for presentations.  She had high expectations for student achievement and stressed quality in all areas.  Laura has an understanding of the developmental characteristics of the primary child and incorporated a variety of instructional activities that addressed learning styles and fit the skills, talents and prior learning of the children.


Laura was involved with many different types of assessment.  Grand Blanc requires pre and post-testing at the primary level in Math, Reading, Writing and Science.  Laura administered written assessments at the end of units in Math, Reading, and Science.  She was involved in checking daily skill work in reading, math, journal writing, etc. as well as activity observations.  Oral evaluations took place with color words, number words, science terms, and vocabulary.  Laura has given and scored weekly Spelling tests.  She has assessed student progress by using a game format-"Who Wants to Be a First Grader?"  This proved to be a fun, effective way to check individual progress in various skill areas.


Laura's lesson plans reflected her knowledge and understanding of first grade curriculum in Grand Blanc.  She utilized all available materials and did her "Homework" to make sure that all activities related to the benchmarks of the district.  She was always well prepared.


Laura is a self-motivated person who is punctual, organized, and patient.  I found her to be most dependable and professional in all areas of her student teaching.  She actively and without hesitation took on the role of a teacher.  She liked to critique her own work by asking pertinent questions and was always willing to listen to suggestions.  She is perceptive with students and strives for created approaches to help children learn.  Laura has learned the art of combining classroom leadership with student friendliness.  I observed her in different kinds of formal and informal settings, and the children responded equally well in both types of situations.  Her pleasant demeanor and ready smile seem to generate enthusiasm and stimulate interest among the students.


Laura is well prepared academically for the teaching profession.  She has had several experiences prior to student teaching, which helped give her an increased background for working with children.  She willingly participated in opportunities for professional development to enhance her knowledge of content and curriculum.

It has been my pleasure to work with Laura Lake.  Her keen interest in children, along with her desire to make a difference show that she is well suited for education.  She will be an effective teacher, loved by her students and appreciated by her peers.  Laura Lake will make a fine addition to any staff.


Laura Lake's formal observations were in the areas of language arts, math, and science, in a first grade setting, at Anderson Elementary School, Grand Blanc, Michigan.  All lessons were well constructed and delivered in a professional manner and were well timed and appropriate for this age level.  The children were actively involved in a variety of creative activities.

Laura displayed a great deal of warmth toward the children.  She possesses a commanding manner and clearly relates her expectations to them in a kind and gentle way.  Her rapport with them is very positive.  While teaching and monitoring, Laura moved freely among the students, providing them positive feedback.  She was effective in drawing the children into her lessons through her fine use of vocal inflection and facial expression.

The classroom environment was always positive.  There were always colorful displays related to the various subject areas.

Laura has effectively developed various lessons and units during the course of the semester.  Among them was her own creation of "Who Wants to Be a First Grader?" which was used to review language arts skills on a weekly basis.  This has proven to be an energizing and exciting way to review.  She and her cooperating teacher also developed a Thanksgiving timeline that was used to record activities of the Pilgrims from the time they arrived in America until the First Thanksgiving.

Laura showed substantial growth within the area of classroom management.  Students were responsive to her clear rules of conduct.

Laura Lake is a very conscientious worker and has devoted many hours to the development of lessons and related activities.  I am pleased to recommend her for any elementary position for which she is qualified.


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